Heavy Duty Superfast Wet/Dry, Hygienic floor Cleaning System ever!

Available as a complete kit with a dolly or without, in addition to accessories, whichever works best for your hygiene application

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Make Moping Less of a Chore With CycloMop Spinning Mop and Bucket Set

Right from attaching the mop head to the handle to wetting and wringing, CycloMop spin mop and bucket set makes sure you never have to touch dirty mop heads ever again!

The CycloMop bucket is split into two parts – one is for wetting the mop and the other is to wring the excess moisture out. Both the parts are foot-operated to make mopping floors effortless and bend-free.

While most of the spin mops have spinning action equipped in the wringing area, we have also included the spinning action into the water bucket, so all the dirt and grime is effectively removed, leaving you with a clean mop head.

Health & Safety !!!

Cyclomop displays colour-coded caution signage on the body of the bucket whilst helping reduce the spread of germs and increasing hygiene throughout a business or home.

The focus here is to bring attention to the public in the area of cleaning to be careful, cautious and safe whilst walking.

Cyclomop, with its super-efficient microfibre & scrub heads, tackles stubborn stains and cleans quickly whilst drying the work area super fast for public safety.

  • Public areas: such as lobbies, receptions, and hallways
  • Washroom and toilets: this can include shower rooms and bathrooms
  • Restaurant and bar: including dining areas and cafe lounge spaces
  • Kitchen and food preparation areas: any kitchen, food station or area where food is kept and prepared

CycloMop Features

Get Every Nook and Corner

Get every nook and corner: Pivoting head lies flat and can be easily steered for convenient cleaning under tables, sofas and other impossible-to-reach-places

No Spills

The spin mop bucket is designed to be deeper and features marking to prevent overfilling. This greatly reduces spills when moving the bucket around

Hassle-Free Emptying

Convenient handle makes it easy to lift the bucket while the drainage plug allows easy emptying

Wrings Just Right

The efficient spinning system spins out all the excess moisture, so your floors stay dry and streak-free

Built To Last

CycloMop dual spin mop & bucket boasts a sturdy and wear-resistant build, making it suitable for everyday use in the home and commercial spaces

Not Just For Floors

You can also use this spin floor mop to clean windows, tiled walls

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Cyclomop Mop and Bucket Set (Without Dolly)


Cyclomop Mop and Bucket Set (With Dolly)


OMG, at last! A heavy-duty commercial mop & bucket set that's undoubtedly durable, sturdy and a great partner for easy cleaning

The CycloMop is a 360-degree rotating spin mop. The CycloMop will quickly and effectively clean up dirt, dust and spills from marble, tile, laminate, vinyl, wood floors and other hard surfaces.

Floors can be cleaned and dry in half the time with the CycloMop. The microfiber head is ultra-absorbent, can be reused for multiple uses, and is machine washable. The mop head is specially designed to easily attach or remove without touching the dirty mop head. The bucket is designed with a fast-spinning stainless steel wringer. This spinning action can be activated by the foot pedal or by simply pumping the mop handle up and down.

The CycloMop even spin the mop in the water for more effective cleaning/rinsing of the mop head.

Cyclomop Dual Function
Spin Mop

  • Heavy Duty Mop Handle
  • 2 Microfiber Mop Heads Included
  • Dual Action Cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel Spinner
  • Use Hand or Foot to Spin Mop Dry
  • Double Gear Drive System
  • Dual Action Handle
  • Water Drain
  • Caution / Wet Floor Logos
  • Centrifugal Spinning Design
  • Self-Wringing Bucket
  • No Power Consumption
  • Dolly To Add Mobility To Mop
  • Handle Adjustment 45 to 180 Degree
  • Scrubber
  • Microfiber Works Dry or Wet
  • Hand or Food To Spin Mop
  • 360 Degree Rotating Spin

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